The Crew

The Crew
Duncan Toombs
Hooked from the first moment of video editing, Duncan has always been captivated by the incredible connection between music and film. Inspired by the marriage of these two mediums, Duncan has proved his understanding of their powerful relationship, time and again. The Filmery was born from Duncan’s dream to create amazing visual content. Years later, and the company has grown into a remarkable team of passionate individuals who aspire to consistently produce world-class content, with a down-to-earth attitude.
Josh Favaloro
Josh’s childhood fascination with motion picture developed naturally into an adolescent love that endures to this very day. Unafraid to experiment, he is a master of the new – in technology, innovation and ideas. Passionate about creating original and diverse onscreen stories, Josh always goes the extra mile to deliver for his client – embracing the challenge of any potential hurdles in his way.
Shane Edwards
Quality and versatility set Shane apart from other cinematographers. After years as a performer and teacher, he’s shifted with technology– embracing the recent emphasis on drone videography in storytelling. Shane flies with natural precision and instinct; unafraid to push the limits of the medium to capture an image like no other.
Brock Daubert
Brock has always approached storytelling with passion and persistence. Fast becoming one of The Filmery’s most sought after directors, his love for the craft is evident in every aspect of his work.
Tash Bass
Tash discovered her love of cinematic expression and storytelling at a very young age. Determined to turn her passion into a career, she undertook a Certificate IV in Screen and Media, before branching into freelance. Constantly on the move, Tash travels around the globe with a camera in her hand. Hugely successful in the realm of social videos and a singer/songwriter in her own right, she feels fortunate to combine her love of music and onscreen storytelling daily.
James Fox
After receiving his first camera as a kid, James took to the road to create dynamic action sports films like BMX and skateboarding. As an easy-going people person and a natural storyteller, James’s progression into the music video and film industry just made sense. Outgoing and cheerful, he brings tons of positivity to the set.