Lee Kernaghan – Flying With The King
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Lee Kernaghan – Flying With The King
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If you’ve ever had the chance to sit with one of your heroes and listen to stories of what they’ve done in their lives, you’ll know there’s a big part of you that gets lost in moment. No matter how old you are, you can feel like a nine year old child in these situations.

Using parts of The Slim Dusty Movie, my concept was to recreate a young Lee Kernaghan getting so lost in the stories from his hero that he actually ended up actually being in them.

With the help of a young Fletcher Pilon (winner of Australia’s Got Talent 2016), a Slim Dusty look-a-like, Bankstown Airport, an old DC-3 aircraft, The Slim Dusty Centre and a stack of extras, we pieced together each scene and brought Lee Kernaghan’s true story to life.